FISHERMAN Super Stealth Shock Leader for PE Line


This leader is probably the best on the market.

All come in 60m spool.

■ STEALTH DESIGN・・・It is super clear! It is difficult to be seen from the fish ! The color was close to salt water more.

■ ABSORBER DESIGN・・・It is absorbed with shock as loading down (more regular) it. While protecting the PE line, are caused drastically decreased coming off and cutting the mouth.

■ EASY KNOT DESIGN・・・The range of temperature are wide (40℃~-15℃), and you can make the knot easily. It is optimal to winter season fishing (our company tester demonstrated in -10℃..

■ 2 SEED STRENGTH STRUCTURE DESIGN・・・. This SUPER STEALTH make done free the lure movement. While it is strong coating the surface, it keeps the softness of the best in the world.

■ 60m(It’s economic !)・・・It is the economic efficiency of the up 30% with the length of 10 m + 50 m.

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